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Get ready to go from frustrated and lonely to supported and profitable!

I often hear shopkeepers say their journey feels lonely. My group memberships provide retail business owners the opportunity to connect and learn in a safe, non-judgmental and fun environment.

PLUS with each member you get access to a vault of helpful resources, lessons, and downloadable tools for your business.

No question is ever stupid! You’ll feel supported, encouraged… and laugh a lot too!

Shopkeeper’s Lab

for who?

For all types of shopkeepers – for makers with online shops to buyers with brick & mortar stores and everything in between.


This is a yearly group subscription with an option to pay monthly or yearly at a discount.

What’s included?

Access to the Facebook group, and a vault of information and resources organized by retail topics, like “Buying”, “Human Resources”, “Social Media Marketing” and much more!

The Shopkeepers Lab is for you if you prefer a DIY, self-directed approach to learning high quality content without formal programs and schedules. Join today and you’ll get access to the private Shopkeepers Lab Facebook Group and the valuable vault of information!

Master Shopkeepers

For who?

This is for brick and mortar store owners by application only. This group opens to new applicants several times per year.


There is an initial 6-month commitment so you can get acclimated and take it all in! Then it’s a month-to-month membership after that. Join for a year and get one month free!

What’s included?

Territory protection, group calls on zoom, coaching by Kathy, access to recorded masterclasses that are specific to running a B&M retail business PLUS everything Lab members get too!

Master Shopkeepers is for you if you want to take your shopkeeping to the next level with more in-depth live classes, live group calls and coaching, plus access to a group of high achieving shopkeepers in a territory-protected mastermind group of retail brick and mortar store owners. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re in, from Aspiring Shopkeeper to Retail CEO, shopkeepers in all stages are welcome to apply. Take the Quiz to find out what stage you’re in!