I’m happy to introduce you to Cailyn Versluis of 3d Grace! She shows that age is nothing but a number when it comes to being an entrepreneur!

What is your name, the name of your brick and mortar store or online shop? Describe your shop.

My name is Cailyn Versluis. My shop’s name is 3d Grace. We are an online shop that started four months ago and I participate in about 5 craft shows each year.

Where can we find your shop?

Click on the links below to follow or visit 3d Grace:




What is your strength as a shopkeeper? What is your weakness as a shopkeeper?

My strength is that I’m starting to see the big picture. I am willing to work hard and I pay attention to detail. My weakness goes along with my strength actually. I am willing to work hard, but I burn out and have a struggle to stay focused for a long time.

What do you attribute most of your shop’s success to? What’s your top piece of advice to anyone who wants to open up a shop like yours?

My business has been successful because of the quality/trend of my products, my age, and my parent’s support! People have been surprised by the quality of the work because of my age. My advice to anyone is to just go for it! Be willing to give something a try. Something my parents have taught me is that if you work hard and put your mind to something, you can do it!

What’s your WHY? Why do you work so hard every day What is your motivating reason to be a shop owner?

So when I started middle school this year, my parents encouraged me to do something outside of school. I didn’t want to do sports or clubs or instruments. They wanted me to have some sort of responsibility outside of school and suggested starting my own business- like babysitting or dog walking. But then my Dad came up with the idea of investing in a laser cutter. He showed me some things I could do on it and I was all in! So we started coming up with some designs. I’ve been loving it ever since and love thinking about the possibilities this will bring.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Watch tv and relax:)

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Entrepreneur… actually a momtrepreneur, because I want to have a family someday:)

If you have an online shop, would you like to offer Savvy Shopkeeper readers a discount code or offer?

I would like to offer a 25% discount to Savvy Shopkeeper readers using the code SAVVY25. 

Click here to shop online! 

A note from Kathy:

I love that Cailyn is starting out her shopkeeper journey at such a young age and I love her earrings so much that I ordered 3 pairs for myself!  Be sure to visit her website to shop online and take advantage of the generous discount she’s offering to  Savvy Shopkeeper readers.

If anyone is interested in buying wholesale from 3d Grace,  you can visit Cailyn’s newly launched wholesale page for more information by clicking here.

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