Today, I’m spotlighting Christy Brightbill of Boutique Bayou! Let’s start her well-deserved spotlight:

Christy Brightbill of Boutique Bayou

Tell us about your shop.
Boutique Bayou. We have been open for right over a year. I sell women’s fashion, Handmade and/or Special Order Jewelry, and hair care.

Boutique Bayou Shopkeeper Spotlight

Where can we find your shop online?

What is your strength as a shopkeeper?  I love designing jewelry and matching outfits to help a woman be comfortable.

 What is your weakness as a shopkeeper?  My weakness is pricing my services to make a profit.

Boutique Bayou Shopkeeper SpotlightBoutique Bayou Shopkeeper Spotlight

A) What do you attribute most of your shop’s success to? B) What’s your top piece of advice to anyone who wants to open up a shop like yours?
My success is my openness to listen to my customers and what they want to design their best options. I would say don’t try to push your customers on what you think they need. Listen to them and try to guide them. Be honest, most importantly.

What’s your WHY?
I am fostering to adopt 2 little girls and am hoping to provide a better life for them. I love my business. It’s my happy place when I am making my jewelry or putting together outfits. So, if I can do something I love and be there for my kids, it’s my best life.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
Godiva Chocolate

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A nurse. Which is what I am along with being a business owner.

Thank you, Christy Brightbill, for taking the time to do the Shopkeeper Spotlight interview!

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