What is your name?

Megan Bellucci & Kathy Bellucci

What is the name of your brick and mortar store or online shop?

Wild Magnolia. We started online in March 2017.

Describe your shop.

We are mother-daughter owned. We just opened our brick and mortar location in Cape May County New Jersey. We sell young adult-women clothing, home decor, and accessories. We also feature local art from artists in our area. 

Where can we find your shop?

We are located at 1943 Route 9 Clermont NJ 08210. We are about ten minutes from Ocean City, Sea Isle, Cape May Beaches. Our website is www.wildmagnolia.net, Our facebook is www.facebook.com/wildmagnoliaa and our Instagram is @wildmagnoliaa 

How long have you been a shopkeeper?

Almost three years. 

What is your strength as a shopkeeper?

My strength is the organization because my full-time job is an art teacher so I realize the importance of organization! My mom is a retired school teacher. She is definitely the best at all of our legal issues, filing for taxes, etc. We make a great team! 

What is your weakness as a shopkeeper?

My weakness is definitely fighting the urge to not order inventory just because I like it! Starting out, that was really tough for me but I’m glad I’m getting better at that!

Shopkeeper Spotlight Megan Bellucci Wild Magnolia 1

What do you attribute most of your shop’s success to?

I think my mom and I work really great together as a team. I design and promote through social media, while she is really great with our legal issues, getting our Tax ID, our Permits, etc.

What’s your top piece of advice to anyone who wants to open up a shop like yours?

My advice would be to just go for it! My mom and I have always talked about having a shop and we finally decided to just make it happen. We are very happy we did! 

What’s your WHY?
Our why is because we want to offer affordable women’s clothing to women in our area. Our store is unique to our area and something that our area definitely could use! 

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
Something that is so difficult NOT to do is to order clothing that I want for myself. I need to remember that other people have different taste than I do and that other people are going to be shopping in my store, not just me! 

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I’m 27 but still coming up with ideas of what I want to do! Teaching is something I’ve always been passionate about and I am so grateful to be able to teach students art full time! I love being a shop owner too because we are able to make it uniquely us! We have all of the creative control and it doesn’t feel like work sometimes.

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