I often hear business owners say “I post every day of the week but I’m not getting any comments or more page likes”.

It’s because social media marketing isn’t just about posting.

We first need to be grateful that social media accounts, particularly for business owners, are FREE.

Yes, yes, you can run paid ads but I promise you CAN get results without them.

Social Media Marketing - Tips on Engaging

What’s the key?


  • Reply to ALL comments
  • Post questions or ask followers to reply with a GIF or photo
  • Reply to reviews, even if it’s a crappy review – take the higher ground and reply with something that sheds a bright light on your business
  • Ask commenters and likers to Like your page, did you know you can do this?  Just ask me how!
  • Get personal!  Post a picture of yourself or your team members
  • GO LIVE or use Instastories
  • Follow other businesses in your area or in the same niche and comment on their posts

If your page is new, you’re probably wondering how to get his done with NO followers, right?  I recommend inviting friends and family to like your page first.  For your closest friends and family, send them a personal message asking them to engage with your page for the first few months to help you grow your following and your business.   If your message is sincere and not a sales pitch, you’ll get a little help.  And if you think the friend or family will really help, ask them to share or invite others to like your page.  Just be gentle with this approach, if someone doesn’t reply or like your page – don’t take it personally and move on.

During this upcoming holiday season, take the time to engage and prompt your followers to post or share something with you!

Social Media Marketing takes work, don’t just assume “If I post, they will come”.

Social Media Marketing takes work

The rule of thumb is 80/20 – 80% of your social media posts should inform, educate, and entertain your audience, while only 20%  should directly promote your business.

I’m not sure I completely agree with this, but I would highly recommend that you mix things up.  Avoid consistently posting just to sell something.  This is a turn-off.

Think about your customers, your ideal client and what they LOVE… and be CREATIVE.  Think outside of those items you want to sell, think outside of the sales goal you need to hit.  Yes, sales are important, but the key to social media is to post things that resonate with your customer.

It’s like your dating your customer!  Court them until they fall in love with you.

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