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  2. QUIZ: I’ve learned that there are action-steps we can take during specific stages on our shopkeeping journeys. Steps to move us forward. Steps to creating efficiency and improving profitability so we can grow. Take my new quiz, find out which Shopkeeper Stage you’re in and get a helpful list of Savvy Shopkeeper resources that are tailored for the stage you’re in!
  3. WORK WITH ME: I host a Mastermind and Business Coaching Group just for Independent Retailers. With a library filled with classes and resources plus a like-minded and supportive group of store owners all focused on growth, this is a great educational opportunity at any stage you’re in. Learn more about joining HERE OR if you prefer one-on-one coaching, learn more about my packages HERE.
  4. SPEAKING: I travel, speak and teach all across the United States, click HERE to see upcoming events or click HERE to inquire about my speaking services.
  5. FREE DOWNLOADS: My newest free download is a ChatGPT Guide for Retailers. Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence as a digital assistant by clicking HERE or visit HERE for more free resources just for Indie Store Owners.
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