Stay Savvy Pendant Necklaces {Savvy Support Fund Item}

Stay Savvy Pendant Necklaces {Savvy Support Fund Item}

Let me tell you a story about how my network of talented store owners helped me accomplish a huge goal of mine.

The Power of Community

Several months ago, I posted in our group and asked for feedback or name ideas on a Fund I was interested in creating.

I knew I wanted to take a percentage of the sales from the Savvy Shopkeeper online shop and contribute to a fund to help educate shop owners of all kinds.

So many of us take a leap of faith because we feel it in our soul to be a shop owner.  Shop owners come in all shapes and sizes.  From maker, online shop owner, market vendor, brick and mortar store owner, booth vendor and more.

Along the way, we try to educate ourselves or learn lessons along the way.  Most of us have no formal education in owning a business, but we have the heart and soul to succeed.

The Power of Education

No matter what kind of shop owner you are, I want to support you and help educate you. Why?  Because education is extremely important.

  • If we don’t know our financial numbers, we don’t know our business.
  • When we can’t learn the core of marketing (telling our story), then we can’t successfully sell our goods or business.
  • If we don’t set up systems and processes, then we fail at managing time.

We know we have the grit, but we need to learn and become educated to do things well in business. And quite frankly, to do it right. We can’t and shouldn’t always wing it.

One group member – Lisa Bridenbaker of Bridenbaker Designs – commented with the “Savvy Support Fund” name suggestion and I loved it!

Many members commented, all with amazing and positive feedback – it warmed my heart and I knew I was on the right path:

So I started the Savvy Support Fund.

Savvy Support Fund

The Stay Savvy Pendant Necklace

Lisa Bridenbaker of Bridenbaker Designs reached out to me a couple of months later with the idea to create a necklace to help support the Fund and I was all for it!

Lisa generously designed a necklace, made a batch of them, packaged them nicely, provided them at wholesale cost, and delivered them to me.  I am touched by her kindness, her attention to detail and her follow-through.  She is one of the biggest supporters of the Savvy Support Fund.

I’m thrilled we recently launched the Stay Savvy Pendant Necklace.  The necklaces come in a variety of colors and $5 from the sale of each necklace will go to the Savvy Support Fund AND I’m shipping them for FREE!

Stay Savvy Pendant Necklace

5%, $5 per necklace. It may not seem like much, but I am happy to start somewhere. I am also proud to say the Fund is currently at a point where I could use the funds to host a small workshop event, pay for food, small gifts and offer free tickets to several attendees.

Stay Savvy - Savvy Support Fund Necklace

(Kathy Cruz, Founder of Savvy Shopkeeper wearing the Stay Savvy Necklace by Bridenbaker Designs and paired with a beautiful beaded necklace by Gold Arrow Studios)

The power of community is amazing and the Savvy Shopkeeper community is the BEST.

Gayle is another active and helpful member in the Savvy Shopkeepers group and sums this post and the cause up best when she said “…have you thought about asking US to contribute? Imagine what we could do as a whole.” ❤️

If you would like to support the Savvy Support Fund by purchasing a necklace, please click here.

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