My last Savvy Shopkeeper blog post was written and published 5 months ago in March.

I spent the first 5 months of 2018 focusing a bit more on the brick-and-mortar store I co-own with my sister, I also spent those 5 months supporting my life partner on a career endeavor. It was time well spent but extremely demanding. So at the end of May, I made a conscious decision to give myself a bit of a break. Yep, I said it… a BREAK.

For the first time in many, many years I allowed myself to stop juggling 100 balls. My sister and I were still running our store but I actually spent my free time with family and friends, I spent time resting, thinking, journaling, getting aligned and you know what? It felt SO DARN good.

A dear friend appropriately named it my “Summer of Surrender”. During this time I found my intuition guiding me back towards Savvy Shopkeeper and why I started the blog… because I wanted to build a community of shop owners – something I couldn’t find 5 years ago when I started my shopkeeper journey.

So I spent time reading books & articles, researching retail-related topics and engaging with members of my Facebook Group – Savvy Shopkeepers. You might be in the group and if not, I would ask you to consider joining. It’s a very kind and giving group of women shop owners that is approaching 500 members!

My Summer of Surrender isn’t quite over, we are taking a family vacation in the month of August (and I can’t wait to be poolside for days!), but I now know I want to dive back into blogging, sharing, educating, and motivating other shopkeepers.

So what’s my plan?
I will be blogging regularly again, you won’t get each blog post in your inbox but I will be sending you a regular newsletter… don’t worry, I won’t flood your inbox!
I will be offering some valuable and free downloads to help you with your business – focusing on marketing and time management.
I will be hosting online and in-person workshops this fall.
And I have some other big projects in the works.
This summer I learned the importance of rest and alignment, and I feel more focused than ever.

Have you ever taken some time off to get realigned? I’d love to hear about it.

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