How To Thrive During the Slow Season in Retail

In my last blog post, I shared some recommendations on how to SURVIVE your slow months. I’m turning that around in this blog post with ways you can THRIVE during the slow season.

Here are some tips on how you can get more sales or people in your doors during the slow season:

Host a Facebook Live Sale Event

Choose a date and time where your ideal customer will be available to shop LIVE on Facebook, create an Event well in advance and post daily to help promote it. Let ALL of your customers know about this event and be sure to send it out in your newsletter too! While Live on Facebook, you’ll show each item, offer a discounted price, offer the item to the first person that comments SOLD with an email address then send them an invoice!

Host an In-store Blow Out Sale

Retailers shouldn’t sit on “dead” inventory. Get old, dated merchandise OUT of your store to generate income, so you can purchase new and fresh products.

Host Events You Don’t Normally Have the Time to Host in the Busy Season

Whether it’s a creative workshop, a Sip n Shop, or another kind of event, use your slow season to host those special events you don’t normally get to host. Get creative! Like our vision board workshop we hosted at the Salvaged Boutique!

Savvy Shopkeeper Vision Board Workshop

Host a Pop-Up Shop or Artisan Market with Multiple Vendors

Create some space and set up tables for makers in your area to set up and sell their goods. Curate vendors just like you curate your store. You’ll want to choose products that fit the brand of your store and that your customers will love. Some retailers will host one vendor per day, per week, or multiple vendors for an evening of shopping.

Collaborate with your neighbors!

Reach out to the other retail stores around you and create a special shopping district day!  This is a great way to help spread the love to your neighboring businesses and the community around you.

In closing

You can look at the slow season as a negative or you can choose to turn that around. Use the time to be productive and/or use the time to get rid of old inventory and get creative with events.  Click here to read my complimentary blog post on how to SURVIVE during the slow season.

Mindset can be debilitating. If you allow the slow season to discourage you, it can be hard to get out of that rut. Get your calendar out and start planning and thinking creatively.

As retailers, we know some of our ideas flop but we also know some new ideas can create buzz and foot traffic that we didn’t expect. So don’t be afraid to give things a try!

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    1. Thanks, Maureen! Planning for the holidays or any season takes time, so I agree – use your slow season to start the planning process and get things in order.

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