2023 Savvy Shopkeeper


A 2-Day virtual conference for brick and mortar retail store owners!
Sunday, May 21, 2023 and Monday, May 22, 2023

11am – 6 pm EST on Zoom

Savvy Shopkeeper Conference

The 2023 Savvy Shopkeeper
VIRTUAL CONFERENCE is happening this MAY!

Join nearly 100 store owners for the first ever Savvy Shopkeeper Virtual Conference on Sunday, May 21, AND Monday, May 22.
You might want to block off Tuesday, May 23 too – scroll down for more on that!

The goal for this FULL 2–DAY virtual event is to give you valuable information (no fluff here!), practical action steps and helpful systems to get your business on track for growth without burning out. Say goodbye to old and misinformed ways!

Conquer your goals while feeling motivated and renewed.

Can you imagine that?! Saying goodbye to those feelings of uncertainty or confusion and hello to feeling refreshed and renewed while running your B&M retail store with added confidence. Ummm, yes, please!


This is what we’ll be working on…

  • Managing your mind, so you can be confident in life and business
  • Mastering your calendar, so you can find peace in your schedule
  • Systemizing your business, so you can lessen the overwhelm
  • Marketing your store, so you can get more traffic
  • Understanding your metrics, so you can learn how to profit more
  • Working on strategy, so you can courageously conquer growth


Get a peek at each day…

“Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to invest in ourselves. It was an incredible experience that changed us and will help our business for years to come!”

2021 Retreat Attendee



Focuses on mindset, time management, and operations.

11:00–11:30 AM Opening Remarks, Intro + Housekeeping

11:30–11:50 AM Small Group Breakout

11:50 AM–12:00 PM Short Break – Get ready for note-taking!

12:00–1:00 PM “The Future You: Strengthen Your Entrepreneurial Mindset”

1:00–1:15 PM Short break

1:15–2:15 PM “Master Your Calendar: Build Your LIFE Around Your Business”

2:15–3:00 PM Lunch

3:00–3:30 PM Small Group Breakout

3:30–4:30 PM “The Well Oiled Machine: Create Systems & Processes to Help your Retail Business Run Efficiently”

4:30–4:45 PM Short Break

4:45–5:30 PM Q & A

5:30–6:00 PM Closing Remarks



Focuses on planning + marketing, financials, and growth strategy.

11:00–11:50 AM Welcome + Day 1 Recap

11:50 AM–12:00 PM Short Break – Get ready for note-taking!

12:00–1:00 PM “The Foot Track Formula: Marketing for Brick & Mortar Retailers”

1:00–1:15 PM Short Break

1:15–2:15 PM “Measure Metrics That Matter: Empower Yourself with 8 B&M Benchmarks”

2:15–3:00 PM Lunch

3:00–3:30 PM Small Group Breakout

3:30–4:30 “Courageously Conquer Growth: Nine Strategies for Increasing Your Revenue”

4:30–4:45 PM Short Break

4:45–5:15 PM Q & A and Giveaways

5:15–6:00 PM Closing Remarks


DAY 3*

Momentum Day focuses on “DOING THE WORK” with Kathy in a small group setting.

11:00–12:00 PM Welcome & Ice Breaker Session

12:00–1:00 PM Life Guide Exercises

1:00-1:15 PM Break

1:15–2:15 PM Systems Exercise

2:15–3:00 PM Lunch Break

3:00–3:30 PM Marketing Exercise

3:30–4:30 PM Metrics Exercise

4:30–4:45 PM Break

4:45–5:30 PM Growth Conversation

5:30–6:00 PM Q&A / Closing

*Momentum Day tickets only

This was everything that I didn’t know I needed ❤️ it was full of so much camaraderie and feelings of nope I’m not crazy, all small biz owners experience this.

2022 Retreat Attendee


Choose your experience!

Early Bird Ticket

The early bird ticket includes…
-Lowest ticket price!
-Two days of virtual learning experience on Zoom
-Access to replays for 6 months
-PLUS a virtual conference kit package filled with the best goodies mailed to you*

Hurry and grab your ticket before the early bird cart closes on Monday, April 17, 2023.

General Admission Ticket

The general admission ticket includes…
-Two days of virtual learning experience on Zoom
-Access to replays for 6 months
-PLUS a virtual conference kit emailed to you and you can print what you need at home!

The General Admission cart will close on Monday, May 1, 2023.

Momentum Ticket

This is a 3-day ticket! It includes the 2-day virtual conference, a mailed conference kit PLUS a 3rd day on Tuesday, May 23rd to implement all you learned during the conference. You’ll join Kathy and a small group of store owners on zoom to DECIDE, COMMIT & IMPLEMENT!These will go fast!

This weekend has given me a renewed hope and confidence that I needed more than I realized. The experience and impact you have made on not only me but all the other shopkeepers will forever be remembered!

2022 Retreat Attendee

Meet Your Hostess!

Kathy Cruz

Retail Business Coach AND Retail Store Owner

Kathy Cruz is a Retail Business Coach AND a fellow store owner, yes she owns a retail business too! A brick and mortar store that she co-owns with her sister in Lakewood, Ohio.

Kathy’s struggle to find content, a resource or a podcast just for Indie Retailers led her to start the Savvy Shopkeeper blog in 2016. Now Kathy hosts the Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast and leads a group membership where she helps retail business owners work less, profit more and grow!

Kathy’s vision for this 2-day virtual conference is the result of years of listening to shopkeepers and what they’ve been looking for. At this virtual conference, Kathy will lead and teach business sessions that will help lay a solid foundation to help your business grow.

You’ll also have time to connect with other store owners and Kathy will sprinkle this 2-day event with fun activities and door prizes!

Smiling with all the memories and new thoughts running through my brain! It’s going to take me a few days to process all the thought gems. ❤️ I loved every minute!

2021 Retreat Attendee

2023 Savvy Shopkeeper Virtual Conference

Planting the seeds for B&M Retail Store Owners to grow and profit without burning out.

Questions? Get your questions answered!

If your question wasn’t answered above, feel free to contact the Savvy Shopkeeper team. Send us an email at kathy@savvyshopkeeper.com.
To learn more about Savvy Shopkeeper and Kathy Cruz, click here.