You shouldn’t be winging your social media.

I feel like most shopkeepers are so busy wearing 100 other hats that they tend to look at social media like a robotic process. Just post something, because I need to, and I’ll be fine.

But, there’s much more to social media than posting. There should be a strategy behind it just like any other part of your business.

I love talking about processes and systems! So, it’s probably no surprise that I have this broken down for social media.

Processes are all the related activities inside the system that work together to make it function.

Why a Social Media Roadmap is Important

SOCIAL MEDIA is the system and the steps I’m going to outline below are the processes… and this equals YOUR ROADMAP.

MARKETING: I can write about this for days, but to keep it simple in this post. I want to remind you that social media isn’t just about posting items you’re selling. It’s about sharing your story and posting things that relate to your ideal clients! You want your customers to know, like and trust you.

CUSTOMER AVATAR:  Before your roadmap begins, you need to know who your target audience is. Have you sat down and written out who your ideal customer is?  Who is the person that consistently buys from you?  What do they look like, what do they love, hate, yearn for?

MESSAGING:  Once you understand the basic idea behind marketing (posting things that relate to your ideal customer) and who your customer is (avatar) then you can tailor your messaging.  Each and every time you post something, you want to be writing to and for YOUR CUSTOMER.

CALL TO ACTION:  You want your customers to TAKE ACTION.  In every post, you should be asking them to do something.  Visit your shop, answer a question, comment, swipe, reply with an emoji…the more engagement you get from them, the better.

FREQUENCY:  Think quality over quantity.  You don’t have to post 5-10 per day 7 days a week. But posting consistently should be the goal.  When starting, strive for one post EVERY DAY at the same time. Then, move up to two posts every day.

MINDSET:  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get over the “algorithm” nonsense, the complaining about social media and how you can’t gain followers because Facebook and Instagram just want your money, the FOMO, the envy.  Let’s turn this bus around and start from scratch.  Stop focusing on the algorithm, stop following the accounts that make you feel bad about yourself, stop following your competitors if it puts you into a tailspin of envy.  I know it’s hard but I find that once I stop paying attention to the number of followers or how much we’re making in sales, and start paying attention to MY CUSTOMER instead, the numbers start to go up again.

BATCHING: Batch, batch, batch!! What do I mean by batching?  Here’s a great example. Walk through your store or studio and take multiple photos in 15 minutes.

  • Products/merchandise
  • Store or booth Displays
  • Materials you use
  • Your making process
  • A stack of boxes that are ready for shipping
  • Customers
  • Your office or storage areas

Being a shopkeeper isn’t just about the products you sell.  It’s about your entire business, even the behind-the-scenes stuff!

Now you have 10-20 pictures you can use for social media over the next two weeks. You can batch many tasks related to social media.  Batch photo-taking, batch graphic making, batch scheduling. The batching process will have to be a new habit you create.  It doesn’t always come naturally but will save you time over the long haul.

ORGANIZING – whether it’s your time or something else, you need to keep things organized in a consistent fashion. For example, always keep photos and graphics in one folder on your computer or in a designated folder on your photo app. So each time you go to post something, you (or your employee) know exactly where to grab the image.

SCHEDULING – there are so many software and tool options for scheduling.  But just make sure you start scheduling! I hear many shopkeepers say they panic or have anxiety over not having anything to post.  Spare yourself these emotions by scheduling!  Use the tool you like best but personally, for Facebook, I use the scheduling tool in Facebook and for Instagram, I use the PLANN app.

What seems to work best for shopkeepers is Facebook and Instagram.  I recommend using both.  There’s obviously so much more to social media, but this should help you focus and get started with a solid plan.

I’m teaching a workshop all about Instagram for the shopkeeper. If you’re local, grab a seat for a small and intimate brunch where we’ll dive into all things Instagram! You’ll get brunch, beverages, a printed workbook and maybe a little swag. If you’re not local, I’ll be live streaming this workshop, you’ll get a link to watch the workshop live and I’ll send you a digital version of the workbook. Live streaming tickets are only $10 and it is WORTH IT. Can’t attend live? I’ll share a replay link after the workshop ends!

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