Why Your Store Needs an Instagram Selfie Station

Most shop owners find social media to be a challenge. But because Instagram is a bit newer, some shopkeepers find it even more challenging.

In my upcoming Instagram workshop, I will talk A LOT about the platform, what to do, what not to do but I will also offer some fun tips.

I like the idea of working smarter and not harder.  What better way to work smarter than to have someone else do the work for YOU?

A selfie station in your store or at your booth can do this!

Yes, consistently posting on any social media platform is important, but what about getting some additional eyes on your account and page…without you doing the daily work?

Give your customers a reason to take a photograph of themselves at your store, booth or market event.

Don’t get me wrong, this will take a little upfront work. You’ll need to design and create the selfie station/area, but once that’s finished, let your customers do the photo taking and posting!

Here are some clever ideas from our community members:

No one says a selfie station has to be indoors.  Lisa of Lucketts Store takes advantage of the space on a building outside of her store to give her customers the opportunity to take charming photos.  She also changes it up for different seasons and holidays!

Victoria of Crafthouse Studios painted a watercolor design on her wall and added some large paper flowers and a fun and bright backdrop to take photos after her guests attend a workshop!

Meghan of Blossom Cleveland went with a classic black chalkboard style wall with white hand lettering and cute banner design.  It’s the perfect spot for her customers to have their pictures taken after they create their own floral bouquet masterpiece.

Mindy of Southern Vintage Co. takes advantage of technology with the Simple Booth App.  Mindy provides the props and then uses the app to take the photos and add her logo – genius!

Kim of Kim Neuens Design & Interiors likes to change things up with seasonal selfie areas in her store.

Chelsea of Burlington Vintage uses a large chalkboard to update her seasonal selfie area too! This one is perfect the little kiddos. How cute is this?!

Darcy of Boutique Decor and More is making it a mission to give boutique and store owners customized selfie stations – these are great for clothing and fashion boutiques!

Social Media Marketing Strategy Ideas

Darcy also offers these tips for anyone using a selfie station as part of their social media marketing strategy:

1. Hold a contest that encourages your customers to take photos of themselves featuring the styles from your boutique or products from your shop. Get them to post the photo to your Facebook wall or with a contest hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, and also to share the photo with friends to increase your reach.

2. Get fans and followers to take selfies at your place of business. Hold a contest where the best ‘on location’ selfie wins! This one is great for generating a buzz for your local brick and mortar business.

3. Ask your customers to submit a selfie showing off styles from your boutique, and then choose one image to feature as the ‘Customer Selfie of the Week’. Kind of like a contest, but the ‘prize’ is simply the adoration of, and recognition by, the rest of your followers.

Last but not least is Nicole of Revival Body Care in Lakewood, Ohio.  Nicole’s branding is on-point and it really shows in her newly opened brick and mortar store!

Nicole took it one step further by taking advantage of a large wall in her brick and mortar space by nailing the selfie/photo opp spot! 

I mean, really?  How AMAZING is this?  It’s fun, draws attention and makes you want to take a picture in front of it.  Not to mention she wisely displays her username AND hashtags.

I’m sure after reading this post, you have been inspired.  I know all of these retail store business owners have inspired ME!

Do you have a selfie station or an ideal spot in your store for your customers take have their pictures taken?  If you don’t do you think you’ll create a space for it now?  Tell me about it!

And if you want to learn some more about Instagram and how to maximize it for your shop, sign up for my upcoming Instagram workshop, I will talk A LOT about the platform, what to do, what not to do, what to post, the difference between Stories and Highlights, and SO MUCH MORE!  This will be a 1 1/2 hour workshop packed with information and ideal for beginner and intermediate users.

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